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Speaking / Conversation Activities an Games Ideas for High School to College Students

Hi everyone,

I'm recently hired as a English Instructor in culinary, baking, and pastry college. I teach the student speaking. Here, I'm sharing some ideas on speaking activities for college students.

1. Nice to know you. (1 meeting)
 It's a perfect activity in the first meeting as an ice breaker activity. Pair up the students and ask them to ask each other some questions regarding their personal information. After asking each other questions, they need to present the result of their interview in front of the class.

2. Two truths, one lie (1 meeting)
  • State  three 'facts' about yourself, in which one of them is a lie and the rest are truth. 
  • The students have to guess which one is the lie by giving you questions regarding the facts
  • Make sure all of the students raise a question
  • Ask the student what fact that they choose and what is the reason
  • Tell them the truth and the lie, and give the some details about it.
3. That is my story! (1-2 meetings)
  • Ask the student to write a one short paragraph about a certain topic (e.g my embarassing story, my biggest achievement, things I regret or the turning point of my life)
  • Choose one of the most interesting story
  • Ask the writer of that story to come foward along with two other students
  • Show the chosen paragraph to them, ask the other two student to pretend that the story belong to them
  • Show/read the story to the rest of students, and ask them to guess whose story is it by giving the three students questions regarding to the story
  • Like in the truth or dare activity, ask the students what are their guessing an the reason.
  • Ask the writer of the story to explain the detail of the story
4. Dialogue in pairs (1 to 2 meetings)
  • Make a list of words related to a topic (around 10 -20 words)
  • Explain the meaning of those words
  • Pair up the students
  • Tell them to make a conversations which contains at least 5-7 words from the list
  • Ask them to present the dialogue it in front of the class
  • After a pair of student finished, ask one or two students questions about the conversation
5. Bussiness pitching (2 meetings or more)
  • Make group of 2-4 students (let them to choose their partner)
  • Tell them to make a presentation about a simple business plan 
  • If it is possible give them an example of business plan presentation
  • Ask the rest of the student to be propective investors, and let them ask questions regarding the bussiness plan
  • After all of the students delivered their presentation, ask them who present the best business plan and ask the reason
6. 'Hot Potato'- Story Relay (1 meeting)
  • Use a small object as a hot potato (e.g ball, pencil case, pulse doll)
  • The teacher has to make a sentence, then throw the hot potato to one of the student
  • That student need to continue the sentence, then s/he need to throw the hot potato to his/her friend. Continue this until all of the student get their turn.
  • If the student cannot make the sentence within 10 seconds or his/her story is irrelevant with the previous sentences, give his.her punishment
7. Truth or Dare
  • Prepare 10-20 questions for the truth and 10-20 dare list, and write them on ballot papers
  • To start the game, give the student a 'hot-potato'
  • Play a music/song
  • When the music plays, the students need to pass the hot potato
  • The student need to stop passing the hot potato when the music stop
  • The student who get hot potato, need to choose truth or dare and take a ballot according to their choice.
  • The chosen student needs to do what is written in the ballot. 
8. Kitchen Hacks/ Cooking Hacks/ Life Hacks
Tell the students to present or perform a kitchen hack/ cooking hack/ life hack in front of the class

  • Ask them to explain the equipment and the steps.
  • If they do not have idea on what they are going to present, let them to look for an idea on internet.

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