Kamis, 22 September 2011

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Yesterday when I was trying spy mode in omegle, I made 2 strangers arguing about Japan and Africa. Well, actually I didn't mean to it. IT STARTED FROM MISUNDERSTANDING!! Back then, I gave 'em question about south east Asia, but unfortunately they know nothing about it (poor me.), and that's when the misunderstanding started.

Finally, I copied yesterday's conversation to share it here because I found it interesting. Check this out!!

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:
what do you think about south east asia? is it nice?

Stranger 2: south east asia ?
Stranger 2: wtf is that
Stranger 1: China?
Stranger 2: he can say fucking china then
Stranger 2: its easer than south east asia !
Stranger 1: Or Korea
Stranger 1: Or Japan
Stranger 2: well then fuck him
Stranger 2: all of them yellow fags
Stranger 2: are idiots
Stranger 2: dont go there and if you are from there go die

Stranger 1: But sushi is tasty
Stranger 2: not really
Stranger 2: its not
Stranger 2: not even one bit
Stranger 2: disgusting meat
Stranger 1: Ok. Agro guy
Stranger 2: not even cooked
Stranger 1: You must be American
Stranger 1: And fat
Stranger 2: im not
Stranger 2: also wrong
Stranger 1: And only eat MacDonalds
Stranger 2: not true
Stranger 2: are you american ? lol
Stranger 1: Well you come across as that
Stranger 2: im greek i eat healthy food
Stranger 1: No I'm not
Stranger 2: onions olives salads meat fish
Stranger 1: So you're bankrupt, eh?
Stranger 2: where are you from
Stranger 1: Need 11billion dollar loan , I believe?
Stranger 2: yes
Stranger 2: euro is falling because of greece
Stranger 2: but i dont care because i dont live there
Stranger 2: im in london
Stranger 1: Ok, right
Stranger 2: you still didn't tell me
Stranger 2: where are you from
Stranger 1: So you're just an asshole by nature then?
Stranger 2: yep
Stranger 1: I'm from RSA
Stranger 2: its in my blood
Stranger 2: rsa
Stranger 2: what is that
Stranger 1: See why you come across as American?
Stranger 2: alright
Stranger 2: im kidding
Stranger 2: but are you white ?
Stranger 1: Yes I am
Stranger 2: ok then you are not very different
Stranger 2: white people took south africa
Stranger 2: because of diamond and black people living like shit there
Stranger 2: and you tell me im an asshole by nature lol funny
Stranger 1: Yawn
Stranger 2: well its true and everyone know it
Stranger 1: You know nothing about RSA
Stranger 2: so dont yawn here
Stranger 2: i know alot of it
Stranger 1: Well what you said isn't correct
Stranger 1: There are a lot of black people suffering here, but so are white people
Stranger 2: it started that way please go to the poor hoods and see how black people are living
Stranger 2: go to the city side
Stranger 2: and see the wealthy white people
Stranger 2: how they are living
Stranger 2: its just true but you wont admit it
Stranger 2: the whole world know the truth
Stranger 2: or else wtf europeans doing in south africa !
Stranger 1: Seriously. We are run by a BLACK GOVERNMENT. Apartheid was before I was even born.
Stranger 2: governments can suck my dick
Stranger 2: all of them
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: and im not talking about governments im talking about people
Stranger 1: What a selfish prick you are
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 2: you want some ?
Stranger 1: No. Your cum must taste like foul acid
Stranger 2: damn how did ya know
Stranger 1: Either way, you'll die soon
Stranger 2: we all gana die soon
Stranger 2: i promise you
Stranger 1: YEp
Stranger 2: very soon
Stranger 2: dont feel smart for saying that yep you dont know trust me lol
Stranger 1: Ok, bye
Stranger 2: ok
Stranger 2: you will die very soon
Stranger 2: remember my words
Stranger 2: and not just you


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