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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fan Project: Happy 3rd Anniversary GOT7!! Our Confession Song (고백송) to GOT7

Happy 3rd Anniversary OUR GOT7!

 So we, ahgase, make a fan project to sing ‘Confession Song’ (고백송) in 5 different languages to show our love to seven adorksable members of GOT7. Thanks to LI MI, the brain of this project. She/he also compiled and arranged ahgases’ voices from around the world warped it into one lovely video.

Actually, I made Indonesian cover of Confession song far before this project.  Then, one YouTube user asked me to feature my cover song in her/his project, and voila!  Even tough, my voice is only featured for few seconds in the fan project video, I’m already happy! If you want to watch my short cover of Confession Song in Indonesian, you can watch the video below.

I hope GOT7 will keep slaying!
And because their dating ban is lifted in this 3rd year, semoga aku segera gak jomblo lagi biar gak terlalu nyesek kalo Bang Jinyoung ntar punya pacar :’)