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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Verstaile Blogger Award

Setelah bertahun-tahun berkecimpung di dunia blogging, baru di tahun 2014 ini I'm nominated to receive Versatile Blogger Award. Big thanks to Vania who has nominated me :*! 

As usual there're some common courtesy when receiving award, and in this case ada 4 peraturan yang diantaranya:

  • Ucapkan terimakasih kepada yang sudah memberi kamu award ini (dengan link blognya)
  • Pilih 15 blogger (urutkan berdasarkan kamu menemukannya)
  • Nominasikan 15 blogger tadi dalam Versatile Blogger Award
  • Ceritakan pada orang yang kamu nominasikan , 7 hal tentang dirimu

Actually, I'm supposed to nominate 15 bloggers, but I have no Idea who am I going to nominate. Jadi aku nyicil dulu yak!
Dan mahkluk-mahkluk yang beruntung dapat nominasi adalah:

  • ( if you want to accept this, please write this in your 'nyastra' style, nggi. H-A-R-U-S!!)
  • more will be coming soon yah~

7 Facts about me (that maybe some of you already know)

  1. Linguistics student. Academic-wise I'm not really bright student,  but I do really love studying language and learning new languages. I wish I can continue my study in this field although my career plan is not related at all.
  2. I'm an imaginative person and good making excuses.  Meskipun  gitu, aku sering banget ketahuan kalau bohong. Thanks to my facial expression! 
  3. A reallyyy introvert person, and unfortunately, it contrasts with my future career plans that requires me to communicate with stranger *sigh*
  4. Have a really bad communicative skill. I don't know, I'm just bad at speaking and communicating with other person.
  5. Fans 'nanggung' dari One Direction, 5SOS, JKT48, David Choi, Ailee. Fans 'naggung'? Yap! I do really like them, I listen to their song, but I'm not fanatic enough to be called as their fans.
  6. Keen into Shojou and Josei manga or manhwa. I have special preference about it which are; romance, no tragedy, no NTR (I hate triangle love),, no shojou ai/shonen ai apalagi yuri/yaoi -.-, and if it's possible there's a tsundere boy in it :3. Anyway, my favourite mangaka is Shimaki Ako and Enjouji Maki ~
  7. I have a lot of nicknames in real life and cyber world. I prefer to be called Ran in cyber world, but it's okay to call me any other nicknames though :3 

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