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Thursday, 22 September 2011

No comment!!!

Yesterday when I was trying spy mode in omegle, I made 2 strangers arguing about Japan and Africa. Well, actually I didn't mean to it. IT STARTED FROM MISUNDERSTANDING!! Back then, I gave 'em question about south east Asia, but unfortunately they know nothing about it (poor me.), and that's when the misunderstanding started.

Finally, I copied yesterday's conversation to share it here because I found it interesting. Check this out!!

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:
what do you think about south east asia? is it nice?

Stranger 2: south east asia ?
Stranger 2: wtf is that
Stranger 1: China?
Stranger 2: he can say fucking china then
Stranger 2: its easer than south east asia !
Stranger 1: Or Korea
Stranger 1: Or Japan
Stranger 2: well then fuck him
Stranger 2: all of them yellow fags
Stranger 2: are idiots
Stranger 2: dont go there and if you are from there go die